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Volunteer to Become a Community Special Constable in Danbury

Danbury Parish Council are Supporting Essex Police to increase local and visible policing in their area.

If you would like to make a difference in Danbury you could volunteer as a Community Special Constable.  For further information, please visit:


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Essex Libraries Consultation Video

Essex Libraries Consultation Video

Please click the link to view the Essex Libraries Consultation Video which explains the Library Strategy and Consultation.


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Danbury Community Speedwatch - Volunteers Needed


Community SpeedWatch is a traffic monitoring scheme coordinated by Essex Police but managed and run by neighbourhood policing teams and community volunteers.   Volunteers are issued high-visibility jackets, roadside signs and are trained to use the equipment and record the information which is passed onto Essex Police.

The Danbury Speedwatch are local people who want to help make a difference and encourage awareness of the speed that vehicles are travelling through our village.  We usually volunteer for 2/3 hours per month. 

Essex Police are running training sessions for those who would like to volunteer in the coming months.  If you are interested in becoming a community speedwatch volunteer, please contact Debbie Hay on 01245 227258.


Chelmsford Community Transport Saturday Trips

Chelmsford Community Transport Saturday Trips


Reporting Potholes and other Highways Issues

Essex County Council is the responsible authority for many highways issues including:

·        Potholes

·        Street Lighting

·        Road Signs

·        Verges

·        Drainage

·        Public Rights of Way (footpaths)

·        Overgrown vegetation


Residents are able to report any problems directly to Essex County Council by visiting their website (link below)  to give details of the issue.  There is also a map showing which problems have already been reported. 


Any emergencies or follow up calls should be reported by telephone on 0345 603 7631.  


2018 Annual Parish Meeting 23rd April Summary & Consultation on Dawson Memorial Field Slippage

2018 Annual Parish Meeting - All Welcome

The Annual Parish Meeting was held on on Monday 23rd April 2018.  Please see attached summary and details of the public consultation regarding slippage on Dawson Memorial Field. 

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EWT New Hedgerows boost Danbury's rich wildlife

Please see attached document from the Essex Wildlife Trust regarding recent hedge planting carried out in Danbury.  



Changes to Mobile Library Services Danbury

Please see information below received from Essex County Council

Changes to mobile library services.

Following a recent public consultation there will be changes to mobile library services from week beginning 2nd April, 2018.

I am writing to confirm that the current stop(s) at West Belvedere, Danbury will no longer be served, as they do not meet the new criteria for the provision of mobile library services namely that 

  • the stop is 1.5 miles or more from a library
  • the average number of customers (rounded to the nearest integer) is more than one
  • each community should have only one stop (the most popular and/or accessible stop will be kept)
  • the stop(s) remain accessible to the mobile library vehicles

We have been working directly with customers at your local stop(s) to find the best solution for each individual, so that they can continue to access library books.

The option for mobile library users are :- using a local library, using a different mobile library stop, a Friends & Family card, or perhaps a visit from one of our Home Library Service volunteers.

So that we can make sure that we find the right solution to best meet the needs of each individual, we are asking people to get in touch with us by either by

  • emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • or telephoning 0345 603 7628.

Details of nearby mobile library stops and the new timetables can be found at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and follow the links about mobile libraries. In future the stop will be every three weeks.


Planning Update (Care Home Application Parish Comments)

Please see attached for the most recent Planning Update.  

Please note that there has been a second planning application submitted for the Care Home proposed on land adjacent to the Medical Centre (Planning Ref 17/01606/FUL). Danbury Parish Council have objected to this application and the full comments can be found on the attached document.  

The appeal on the first Care Home application is still scheduled to proceed in December.
Links are provided below to view Chelmsford City Council Planning Applications and the Planning Inspectorate.  

Bus Passsenger News: Changes to local bus services

Please click below for full details of changes to ECC supported local bus contracts in the Chelmsford area, this includes changes to the 31A route. 


Help Save Our Trees

Please see attached document about helping trees in the parish.  The websites below contain general information on monitoring and protecting trees.  

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Fortnightly Black Bin Collections

Please see attached public notice regarding fortnightly black bin collections from 31st January.   


New service - If you have a power cut, call 105

On 6th September a new national phone number “105” was launched by electricity network operators for customers to call should they need to report or get information about a power cut in their area.

Key points to note about this service are:
• Dialling 105 will put customers through to their local electricity network operator – the company that manages the cables, power lines and substations that deliver electricity into homes and businesses in their area. 
• 105 is just one of the ways that customers can contact their electricity network operator. They can also contact them by phone or via their website, and most network operators are on social media too.
• 105 is a free service for people in England, Scotland and Wales.
• Customers can call 105 no matter who they choose to buy electricity from.
• Customers can also call 105 if they spot damage to electricity power lines and substations that could put anyone in danger. If there’s a serious immediate risk, they should call the emergency services too. 


Neighbourhood Plan Update

Chelmsford City Council formally designated the Neighbourhood Area for Danbury at the Development Policy Committee on 9th June 2016. 

You can help decide the planning policies and regulations that will apply to all future planning applications in the village, whether they relate to buildings or open spaces.  The Danbury Neighbourhood Plan needs the involvement of every resident to ensure that it meets the needs of the whole village. 

The Parish Council has started the process for a Neighbourhood Plan but the plan cannot be produced without the input of local people.  Neighbourhood Plans are community led documents and as many representatives of the local community as possible must be involved.  This includes: residents, businesses, local groups, landowners and developers.

Once adopted, the Danbury Neighbourhood Plan will contain planning policies and site allocations which will be used by City Council planning officers when making decisions on planning applications in the Parish.  This is a unique opportunity to ensure that decisions made in Danbury truly reflect the ambitions and needs of local residents and businesses.

If you would like more information about Neighbourhood Plans/Local Plans, please click the links below. 

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