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Neighbourhood Plan Update

Chelmsford City Council formally designated the Neighbourhood Area for Danbury at the Development Policy Committee on 9th June 2016. 

You can help decide the planning policies and regulations that will apply to all future planning applications in the village, whether they relate to buildings or open spaces.  The Danbury Neighbourhood Plan needs the involvement of every resident to ensure that it meets the needs of the whole village. 

The Parish Council has started the process for a Neighbourhood Plan but the plan cannot be produced without the input of local people.  Neighbourhood Plans are community led documents and as many representatives of the local community as possible must be involved.  This includes: residents, businesses, local groups, landowners and developers.

Once adopted, the Danbury Neighbourhood Plan will contain planning policies and site allocations which will be used by City Council planning officers when making decisions on planning applications in the Parish.  This is a unique opportunity to ensure that decisions made in Danbury truly reflect the ambitions and needs of local residents and businesses.

If you would like more information about Neighbourhood Plans/Local Plans, please click the links below.