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Empower Danbury Community Energy Guide

Empower Danbury Community Energy Guide

Essex County Council (ECC) is bringing an exciting project to Danbury that will help the local community to take action to reduce its carbon emissions and become more empowered with how it uses energy. The project, called Empower, is all about helping local communities to become more active in the energy market and develop low carbon, locally produced energy.
ECC would like to let the community know about progress with the project so far and involve anyone interested in its next steps. The project includes:

❖ Solar panels at Danbury Park Community Primary School and Essex Outdoor Centre to show how solar electricity can reduce costs and carbon.
❖ Information on taking first steps in saving money, energy and reducing carbon emissions.
❖ Supporting the local community to establish more community-led energy projects in the village.

For more information, please read the attached document.

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