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Danbury Sports & Social Centre

 The COVID pandemic caused significant difficulties for us all.  Throughout this period, by hard work and taking advantage of the financial assistance from Danbury Parish Council (the council), Government and Chelmsford City Council together with donations from members, Danbury Community Association (Trust) Ltd (the charity) has continued to provide users of the Centre as normal a service as possible whilst meeting COVID guidelines.  Our sincere thanks go out to our staff and all members who have supported the Centre over the past two years.

 The charity has operated the Centre since 2006 under a lease from the council which expires this year.  The Centre needs substantial investment in repairs and improvements to the facilities, and the charity cannot see its way to meet these long-term costs.

 Working closely with the council, the trustees of the charity have concluded that it is in the best interest of the members of the Centre if the charity’s operation, including the staff, is transferred to the council to manage the Centre in line with the charity’s objectives, to provide recreation and leisure facilities for the residents of Danbury and the neighbourhood. 

 The council and charity will implement the transfer so the service provided to users is not interrupted and are hoping this will take place during the month of August.  Members will be contacted in due course and regular updates will be issued to residents


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