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Danbury Circular Walk Maps

Danbury Circular Walks Maps

Danbury Circular Walk Maps

 These walks are based upon walks created by Wendy and David Moore for the Danbury Society and updated by Graham Chapman on behalf of Danbury Parish Council.

There are six walks in total:  Thrift Wood, Blake's Wood, Butt's Green, Pheasant House Wood, Sandon Hall and Waterhall Meadow.

The information on each route includes a detailed map and directions to enable you to enjoy your
walk. All walks are described as starting and ending at the Danbury Sports and Social Centre; some
will extend into the adjacent parishes of Little Baddow and Sandon. The walks will follow where
possible Public Rights of Way so look out for waymarker arrows that are attached to fingerposts,
stiles, gates and posts.

Footpath: As the name suggests this path is used for walking only.
Bridleway: Bridleway have all the rights of a footpath but look out for horses or cyclists.

Byway: have all the rights of a footpath but all types of wheeled vehicle are allowed including
mechanical propelled vehicles.

Restricted Byway: A new category of right of way created in the Rights of Way Act 2000 allows the
right of way on foot, on horseback, or leading a horse, cycling and for any vehicles other than
mechanically propelled vehicles.

There are also Permissive Footpaths that are not ‘official’ public rights of way. Most permissive
paths are found in Country Parks and nature Reserves and are provided by the landowner.

Remember that the countryside is a work place so please keep to paths and use stiles and gates when
crossing fields. Keep dogs on leads where animals may be gazing and take care when walking along or
crossing roads.
Public Transport to the area is available via local buses: see online timetables or phone

Note: The information in this booklet was, as far as known, correct at the date of issue, January
2022. The publishers do not accept any responsibility for errors or omissions or changes in details
since publication.

Please follow the Country Code

Be safe - plan ahead and follow local signs
Leave gates and property as you find them
Protect plants and animals
Keep dogs under control
Take your litter home
Consider the local community and other people enjoying the outdoors


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